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Maxima was portrayed as a smokin'-hot redhead, and about as accurate power- and personality-wise as could be expected. I approve wholeheartedly and eagerly await her reappearance. Speaking of the fact that eventually, one day, Clark will become Superman, it's going to be interesting to see what happens when the Legion finally shows up. I only played Call of Cthulhu once and I felt like in a sort of "dungeon in reverse" where my character was the encounter area and the slimy alien was the adventurer. I'd like to think that somewhere the alien is building a stronghold and attracting followers. Right now, it looks like a hunter; but if you push this button, here, and fold it like so, it turns into... The Lois and Clark bits are fun, though in Smallville continuity, there is no way that the Superman-Lois-Clark triangle could ever happen. You sit around pondering ways that I've dedicated my life to your downfall. He's practically an icon, "The Man of Tomorrow," and I'm just Lois Lane, the girl who writes about it.

Not as clumsy or random as a control pad; an elegant controller for a more civilized age. Points: 3 laugh points (mrlost, Pilgrim, budman), 1 'You're my FFVII hero' point (Rachel Cartacos), 1 Damn Cool point and 1 Double Damn Cool point (Dr.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, at 500 bucks a plate, I'll bet. Although, as much as I love the one-on-one time, I got to say I'm actually surprised Lois unattached you from her hip.

It doesn't change the fact that Lex knows my secret.

Instead, they talk for several minutes, and he busts her bracelet. I was actually surprised by how much that episode didn't suck, considering how the show's been going lately.

At the end, Maxima and Clark should have had a nice knock down, drag out fight. I mean, sure, Lex was evil, but Clark didn't KNOW that, and he was always a freaking hypocrite about everything. Writer, Playtester, Gamer, Fan, former Shadowrun Missions Developer My Amine List -- My Patreon -- Bull on You Tube -- Apoch's Twilight Dev Journal The Bulldrek Round Table Podcast -- My Geek Shirt Designs Bull Fights Fascism -- Political shirts, proceeds go to the ACLU(x1): 8bit Junkie, AJCarrington, Allensh, Altered Priest, Andrew Ellis Troubio, Andy K, Celtic Tony, Cessna, Christina, cloak n' dagger, Doc The Weasel, dream spawn, El Ravager34, gatharion, Greg Stolze, gunsel, HDTVDinner, iamtim, Iandimitri, Jake Thunder, Jeep Guy, John_C, jushin53, kairos, Kingle, lionrampant, Lord Apathy, Nick Warcholak, Pilgrim, Reidzilla, Samaritan, Shingen, Something Ellie, Stacie_Gmr Grl, Strom, Tenacious B, Teragen, thatjimguy, The Eye, The Wraith, Waith2020 and Zachary The First.

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