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Created by Kath Kirkegaard Meriels Law.A witch has been suffering through some bad luck for a while.

Enter the book and magazine door-to-door seller who promises to infinitely improve her life by selling her, well, anything really.

For that reason, my favorite queer characters were always the ones I stumbled upon unexpectedly, whose sexuality was incidental to the drama or just mentioned in passing, rather than used as a plot point or a punchline, because I wanted queerness not to be a big deal, just something normal the existence of which was acknowledged in the world I was being shown.” Created by Christine Smith The Princess Sarah’s dad buys her a dress and it’s hijinks and drama from there as her mom doesn’t quite get why her son wants to be a girl.

Created by Katie O’Neill Strangely Princess Amira and Sadie are two very different princesses who decide to take their happily ever after into their own hands.

Created by Taneka Stotts and Genue Revuelta Love Yvonne gets a most unexpected birthday surprise — Lucos, a refurbished Heartbreaker android, a fact neither Yvonne’s service dog, nor ex, is happy about.

Created by Jessica U Manic Pixie Nightmare A bold satire on the ups and downs of living as a trans person, with takes on transphobia, cissexism, parents, and video games.

We’ve talked about indie comics and what they are doing for the LGBTA community of fans… Often the product of a single cartoonist, webcomics offer a unique opportunity to showcase the queer community in all its glory.

Created by Sam Orchard Roostertails Stories depicting life during and after the transition of a New Zealand trans man.

I know there’s other people who live in communities where they don’t see LGBTQ people but maybe they can feel better when they read my comics about people like them! ” Created by Kate Leth Kateor Die A comic by writer Kate Leth to talk about fun things like feminism, bisexuality, being young, and terrible comic stuff.

Created by Greg Fox Kyles BNB.Long-running comic about a gay, Canadian, bed and breakfast owner and his string of generally hot house guests!

Created by Tony Breed Muddlers A slice-of-life comic strip following a group of friends as they date, find love, and have wacky relationship drama.

Created by Blue Delliquanti OHuman Alastair Sterling was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution.

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