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Your house mate’s main role is to essentially act as a toy for you to play with, you can practice interactions or have sex with them as you please.

Your penthouse has everything you would expect, living areas, a bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe etc.

You are probably getting the feeling by now that the game is very restrictive for a new player and it is, but a subscription is only a month.

Without a premium subscription players won’t see any nudity, intimate interactions will be locked and a lot of the games areas won’t be available.

Free players begin their new virtual life in the only place they will probably ever see, the hotel lobby.

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This area isn’t the only area a player can visit though, there are several locations available and each has a different purpose or social scenario that it recreates.3DChat takes a more realistic approach then other similar titles however, implementing a lot of real-life products, activities and interactions.The developers have put extra attention into creating a game that provides players with all the tools to recreate real life social situations.For premium members, those social situations can get pretty steamy.Be warned, if you are a premium member you will come across a fair bit of nudity and intimacy within the game.

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