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A Moment with You, the group s first feature-length film, premiered on June 3, 2006, at their alma mater.

The film tells the story of two couples in the near future where the Department of Emotional Integrity (D who is kevjumba dating.

The film revolves around two neighbors who share similar romantic situations, in which one person in each relationship cannot let go of his or her past.

Everything Before Us[edit] Everything Before Us is the first feature film of Wong Fu Productions.Why does Buzzfeed even need to convince us that Asian-American men are sexy.We really want to show that our work and voice should and can be seen colorblind.The concert series, International Secret Agents (ISA), featured musical disciplines from urban dance to deejaying with Asian American guest artists such as Far East Movement..When we make the assumption that all Asian-American men have small penises, we are doing the same thing. The group also does not promote political messages through their works but, rather, raises many APA issues that we feel would fit our brand and image.

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