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Heaven on earth, let’s feel it together tonight Remember the miracle underneath the star Gather your hands, see how magic plays again Repeat the sounding joy Repeat the sounding joy Repeat repeat the sounding joy Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh Joy!

" At 22 years old, Chorong is just dying to break into her sexy side.

They are also the biggest complainers in their respective groups, so it will be hilarious to see them unleash their grievances on each other.

( Melihat lengkung senyum yang dipamerkan oleh anak laki-laki itu, menatap parasnya yang nampak begitu cerah, dan juga sepasang manik kelam yang cemerlang—meskipun terpisahkan oleh beberapa orang yang menghalangi di antara mereka— Hey everybody.....^_^ It's my second time write ff (even i give up at my first one) I know my storyline is somehow common but suddenly this kind of story popped in my mind Hope you enjoy it ps: the picture isn't mine, full credit to the right owner Jara and Hoya had been married for five years now. They are one happy family Before the accident happen… Before she knows that she’s pregnant, with his baby.

Nam Woohyun ialah seorang idol yang terkenal di Korea .

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