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A notable climax of the social celebrations is fire-walk, where volunteers sprint over a bed of burning coal while being cheered with music and songs.

In the Odia tradition, the Pana Sankranti is believed to be the birthday of the Hindu deity Hanuman, whose loving devotion to Vishnu avatar Rama in Ramayana is legendary.

People take baths in rivers or major pilgrimage centers.

Communities participate in mela (fairs), watch street dance or acrobatic performances.

At the Maa Patana Mangala Temple in Chhatrapada, Bhadrak, the Patua Yatra festival is held from 14 April to 21 April.

Attempts at tracing the origin of the main incidents of the narrative in actual history, folk-tales, legend or myth have been made again and again. Thb Role of the Sacred Book in Reugkjn — The Ramayana by Harry H. We shall now come to the Ramayana in Sanskrit drama. “ The Dating of the Old Javanese Uttarak&nda ", 77«e Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, vol. I am not native to the R&ma tradition, and 1 have had to walk in my own way.The problem of the relative antiquity of the main events and the writing of the two epics — the Ramayana and the Mahabharata — has been carefully looked into. The appea- rance of Bhavabhuti in the 7th-8th Centuries threw into oblivion several excellent Rama-plays, produced before him, including the Ramabhyudaya of his own patron king Yasovarman. I propose some pertinent observations on the relation between saving stories and sacred books, sketching the typical role of sacred literature in religions.The questions of the poetic diction and the use of the metres in the Ramayana have been discussed. No less than 13 Rama-plays and several Acts of Rama-plays now not available haye been surveyed and reconstructed by me in my book “ Some Old Lost Rama Plays ”. In that light, I shall attempt to fashion a functional approach to the study of the Ramayaua, the Ramiyapas, and other stories of Lord R&ma I do not think of the Ramayaija simply as a collection of some 24,000 Slokas nor a monumental work in Hindi and another in Tamil. Religious traditions are like waves, and as waves pass through their various mediums, individual particles remain in the area with relation to each other, moving in circular or elliptical paths.For many others, the new year falls on Ugadi and Gudi Padwa, which falls a few weeks earlier.THE RAMAYANA TRADITION IN ASIA The sculpture reproduced on the endpaper depicts a scene where three soothsayers are interpreting to King Suddhodana the dream of Queen Maya, mother of Lord Buddha. THE RAMAYANA TRADITION IN ASIA Papers presented at the International Seminar on The Ramayana Tradition in Asii New Delhi* December SW Edited by v. The Ramayana figured along with the Mahabharata in a class of poems called Dvisandhana in which two stories were told in the same poem through the use of Slesha or double entendre. BUCK I must begin with an expression of gratitude to those who planned this symposium and to those responsible for my invita* tion.

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