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She spoke as though white people were an alien species, but then again, non-Kenyans on long working stays require an alien identification card from the immigration office. It surprises me that no one protests against the naming of that ID, but I digress. When we walked on the streets of Mombasa together, the comments made were caustic.“You have eaten, now bring him here so that we too can eat”, some said “Kwani?People would comment about how lucky I was to be in England, away from all that suffering.Again, being poor at spontaneous response, I seethed at some of the stupid comments and fantasised about coming up with stinging replies.A brown child with a cleft lip, tears streaming down their face.Messages such as, “A dollar a day will make a difference,” “Buy a goat and change her life,” were are going to eat alone, don’t be selfish”, others added.‘Eating’ has been a term used in Kenya to describe the way politicians gorge on state resources but it is also used when one gets to spend money they have not worked for.

I don’t know how many times I have had this sort of conversation. He was this cute guy with an interesting brain – he never said what was expected. With all the sex tourism around here, it would be assumed that I was a commercial sex worker.

We spent our first two years of married life, 20, in England.

I was surprised that whenever a story on Nairobi appeared on television, it was almost always about one big slum or the other.

The age difference between the white men and the black girls was roughly 40 years.

Sometimes we promptly left the restaurant, other times we could not be bothered.

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