Allison apollo baver dating ohno

Allison says Tommy’s dancing was hard, artistic and performance driven. Allison says this was smart for Patti to assign to them.Allison says she’s proud of him and Tommy says he’s proud of all she’s done. Next they bring Devin in and Patti says she can’t wait to hear what Devin says. She asks about sexual chemistry and Devin says yes.Next Patti sits down with Allison and Tommy and ask about the work they did.Tommy says he liked skating and Allison says she understands the dancing now.

Patti says guys don’t see her as sexual and Devin says the wrong guys ask her out.She tells Candace to take Devin shopping for something special and David to find girls. Then she singles out Adam who’s 43 and dates women in their 20s. They do not seem to be connecting – Devin is delusional.She also says they need to scare Allison by showing her that Devin is her 40s and lonely. Patti asks the prospects who’s willing to get married. Next Allison and Tommy head to a pole dancing place Patti sent them to.She’s involved with Tommy Snider who she’s been with for 10 months.She wants Patti to help them make their relationship stronger.

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